27 March 2013

+hats off+

so i went in to my favourite hat store to waste some time and just try on hats. i like to try on ones that are super outrageous, or ugly-pretty... and of course one caught my eye but when i put it on i was sold. i fell in love! crap! so beautiful bordering on tacky but somehow it was working! standing ovation to Frederica Moretti for making such beautiful hats!
i just wish it would make Spring come!!!

24 March 2013

+sunday jams+

ay, it's the hip hop battles this evening and it's been awhile since i've been to this. ready for a night out jammin'. Enjoy these funky ladies in the meantime. mad respect to intertwining two cultures of such opposite realms.

22 March 2013

+make a statement+

I found this amazing site, boticca that helps out independent designers and each piece is so unique that you're bound to get attention wherever you go. I've just picked 3 favourites so far as i'm going to need some more time to peruse this little treasure chest.

Eina Ahluwalia is known as "India’s first Conceptual Jewellery Artist, creating jewellery from her soul". Each piece is handcrafted by master craftsmen in Kolkata to keep alive skills that have been passed down generations, but are being lost to mass production. trained under the pioneering conceptual jeweler Ruudt Peters in Holland, and studied at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy, where she now acts as India Advisor. She was nominated for ‘Best Jewellery Designer’ by Marie Claire India, two years in a row, and David Lamb- MD, Jewellery at World Gold Council has picked her as one of the hottest talents to watch out for.

The parrot earrings are made by designer NoĆ©mie Vaillancourt from Canada. She fell in love with feathers and is using it to expand her inspiration and hopefully a full line of jewellery, accessories and clothing. She's currently studying tailoring and sewing. 

The earrings below come from the Sarah Angold Studio, London, which is a team of design graduates collaborating with their various specialisms from electronics to fine art and theatre. Sarah Angold launched her A/W11 collection at London Fashion Week in February and was featured in British Vogue's 'Fashion's New Generation' as one of its top 25 emerging creatives.  The studio work on all kinds of projects, from installations in the Design Museum and Selfridges windows to designing concept cars for Toyota.

Rococco earrings found here
Parrot earrings found here
Cia earrings found here

Have a great weekend!

21 March 2013

+deer thursday...+

for lack of inspiration i'm only sharing what i wore today. completely forgot about these beauts. i found them in Kitson in LA, i go stir crazy in there, so it's a good thing LA only happens once a year. *sigh* c'mon friday, i'm so ready for you....

20 March 2013

+its personal...for Bert+

so we've got a placement at our work who i happened to notice wearing a ring that caught my attention. I asked her if it had a story, and sure enough, it did! so we got personal...

Bert makes it personal through cherishing

Tell me about your ring...
"My best friend, Rose, always wanted this ring that her Mom owned and so her Mom had planned on giving it to her when she turned 18. She passed away when we were around 9 years old though, and because I remained close to her Mom and family, even after she had passed, her Mom decided to give the ring to me on my 18th Birthday. I've been wearing it ever since."
And how do you feel when you look at your ring now?

"Special [she says with a smile]...good memories...it makes me think of her and her mom...sad sometimes...it's mixed."

I think it's a beautiful story, and one that I'm sure will be passed on for decades. Thanks for sharing babes! x

19 March 2013

+spider Eric+

i love waking up to these messages in my inbox! my super talented spiderman Eric doing his thing in Paris. miss him so much!

+cityscape escapes+

sometimes your mind wanders away to memorable cities, you get inspired by vintage prints, and voila, you find a piece that puts two together. i was looking at some retro posters of New York, and loved how simple the lines and colours make a bold impression. so i ended up finding a necklace that i felt reflected this. although the site is calling it 'aztec triad' (zzzz), i think it really should've been called 'quinary empires'.

Baublebar::gold aztec triad collar

Necklace found here.

18 March 2013

+far east+

hi all! sorry for no post on friday. the week ran away with me, and the weekend was full of goodness so i didn't have time to post anything. So bear with me with this little vid to start the week...i need energy and these guys are giving me it...

Quick Crew

14 March 2013

+pose like royalty+

the sun is shiiiiining!!! woohooo!! feel fantastic today. not sure why. but i can't wait for tonight as i get to finally have dinner with a friend i haven't seen in months (if you're reading this, feel guilty :p) and then i'm off to the underground dance battles to see who will become King or Queen of the dancefloor. no sleep tonight! 

Go Jane:: fleur de lis necklace

Go Jane::tribal square lion bracelet

fleur de lis necklace found here
lion bracelet found here

13 March 2013

+animal kindgom+

i cannot believe it started hailing today. HAILING!! it's mid-march!! i am soooo bored of this weather! so in trying to avoid looking out the window, i did a bit of browsing online and was insistent in finding a proper chunky lion necklace, and ended up finding a few other things...
Never Midnight via etsy::lion necklace
gold plate

Bill Skinner::mini buffalo charm pendant
gold plate

Bill Skinner::bee honeycomb bracelet
gold plate
lion necklace found here 
buffalo necklace found here
bee honeycomb bracelet found here

12 March 2013

+all for love+

oh, and p.p.s. I woke up to find this message in my inbox from a friend of mine which completely made my day! he is one of the most talented and positive people i know, and has really helped me perceive the world differently. this video is his personality in a nutshell...absolutely.love.it. 
if you're ever in Vegas, he'll be in the new MJ show so please check it out! 


+skull sale+

who doesn't love a good sale eh? better hurry up to house of harlow then because they have some great pieces that are. it's been awhile since i found some nice skull jewellery so here are my two favourites...

triple skull ring found here

i like ugly pretty things, and these are just that. bordering on tacky, but added onto a black ensemble with white tshirt it would be no probs...
skull statement earrings found here

by the way, anyone listening to Robyn's Body Talk album? makes me wanna daaaaaance!! i keep feeling like i'm in a music video when i have my headphones on playing it walking through the city. this girl is fierce. i'm glad she keeps surprising us and making us unsure of what she's going to do next. kudos. 

11 March 2013

+say it straight+

how's everyone today? i had a fab weekend seeing my 'cheetah fam' (which included carrying a one year old who weighs nearly 12kilos! i was spent afterwards), seeing my pseudo-mom and sister watching Ballet Revolucion from Cuba. a few awkward moments watching ballerinos/as and contemporary dancers try and get funky to a live band playing j-lo, usher, prince etc , but it was definitely entertaining and had it's amazing moments...and hot bodies...felt like i needed to go train right after.
but now its back to the monday grind, and someone left the heating off on my agency floor so its freeeeeezing in here! so we're dressed in our parkas using our computers as heaters. so to be blunt about it, here's what i'd buy and like to say to this weather...

screwords on Etsy

found here

10 March 2013

+happy mother's day+

for those fortunate enough to spend this day with your moms, do so. make sure you spoil them, treat them, and tell them 'i love you'. happy mother's day to all the moms out there! 

here are some inspirational videos of some girls/women that i believe must have amazing moms or even are amazing moms!
shout out to my girl Roxy. respect and admiration for her persistence! 

B-girl Roxy

B-girl Babyson

B-girl Terra (6 yrs old)

shout out to Soul Mavs for supporting the young girls and women! 

9 March 2013

+Werk it!!+

so another thing i love is dance and want to share that world with you as it's quite underground for those that don't know of it. and quite frankly, what you see on tv is not what the real thing is always like. so those that don't know, get to know...Vogueing!

Source Deep in Vogue 

8 March 2013

+Happy international women's day!+

the time is now! stand up and embrace how amazing we are! 
(and finally some proper hip hop on the dance scene! shout out to Clara for keeping it real!) g'wan ladies!

+mums the word part 3+

Joseph Lamsin Jewellery was created by Matthew JL Harris, who is the brother of a friend of mine. it's wonderful to see how well he has done since starting up in 2005. He draws his inspiration from his hometown, Cornwall. His latest collection, 'Sennen' has been inspired by and named after Sennen Cove in Cornwall, and reflects the sea's continual transformation on the Cornish coastline. all jewellery is handmade and can be ordered with next day delivery.

seawater cast multi encased pearl bracelet found here 

seawater cast encased pearl earrings found here

7 March 2013

+shout out+

guys, i just realised i've had a massive boost of readers overnight and wanted to say THANK YOU so much for checking in!! i woke up this morning feeling all this love, and had no idea you were part of it! please let me know if you have any requests or such as i want to make sure you're getting what you're looking for. love you all! x

How you make me feel!! 

+mums the word part 2+

it's nice to find gifts that are symbolic and have a certain meaning to them, which is today's theme.

i always believe in giving gifts that you want yourself, so one of my favourites is the bumblebee from Alex Monroe. for this occasion i like to call it the 'Queen Bee', also reminds us of the help that honey bees still need (i know bumblebees are not honey bees but work with me). it's quite pricey but you can always opt for the silver version.
Alex Monroe :: bumblebee
i personally have the necklace below as it reminds me of my mother, and was just able to find it through a different online site if you can't find it from stores that sell Alex Monroe jewellery.
Alex Monroe :: lace fern heart locket with birdie

another symbolic icon is a little acorn which I've found from oakfine jewellery. As they state on their website, "from little acorns mighty oaks grow", which i thought was very sweet

Oakfine jewellery :: richmond park necklace

and then there's simply giving your heart away. nothing fussy, just clean and casual. 

links of london :: love note pendant

6 March 2013

+mums the word part 1+

well for some, mother's day is just around the corner. for others, you've got til the end of the month so may have some more time for ideas. personally i always did breakfast in bed with a homemade card, but for those that like to give gifts i'll be sharing a few favourites for the next couple of days.

The bracelets from Monica Vinader can be found in both silver and gold with adjustable handwoven cords (various colours found online), although with the designer's initial, the 'M' can always stand for 'mom'. but what's also great is that you can engrave most of her items through her site to make it more personal.

Monica Vinader at liberty :: Cord Fiji bracelet
Monica Vinader :: Ava pendant

5 March 2013

+bowling for sunshine+

guys, i am so full of love right now it must be the sunshine!! eating well, cutting out gluten and dairy, training, positive thinking...i know this isn't a usual post but i just needed to share. the power of the mind is so important in our lives that i do believe if we drown ourselves in our woes and sorrows then we wont achieve the things we deserve and want. we all have bad days but life doesn't stop because of it. so put on your creative hats and love yourself, release your expectations of others and get on with being you. x

4 March 2013

+it's personal...for Edi+

so in the midst of trying to engage my readers, i thought i'd try and bring a new section called it's personal... the idea is to share stories about the jewellery we wear, because i know, in my own case, i would grab my treasure chest if my house was ever burning down. it may be materialistic, but they are my memories that never let me forget. so, to introduce my first story, (and brain behind this idea) is my colleague Edi who reminds me a little of Hannah from the sitcom Girls—she's a little quirky, a little pessimistic, but extremely bright and funny (and she has an awesome middle name...Spike. she's going to kill me that i mentioned it, but..hey ho).until then, let's get personal...

Edi makes it personal by stealing, bargaining and surrendering
"The topaz ring is from the 60's. it was given to my mum by her aunt who traded in gold jewellery. i stole it - uh borrowed it, but she never got it back."
Why did you steal it?
"i liked the colour. it's ended up being really useful as it holds the other one in, it's become part of a pair.  you can also see it is hand cut when you look at the sides."
and the other one? 
"The other is a sapphire ring. i liked it when i saw it on a stall at Oxfords Antique Market, but couldn't justify buying it myself on a whim. i came back another time and saw it was still there. I ended up helping the stall man sell a watch to another customer. he then gave me a serious discount on the ring." 
"also, i dont' know who 'RJ' is. If anyone can get into contact with me about who RJ is then i'd really appreciate it."
(funny girl). so this is my favourite story, tell me about your 'chastity' ring.
"basically a friend of mine and i were having a dry patch with boys in our teenage years, all our friends were in couples. and so we went to Norfolk for the weekend just me and her, and there was a craft fair, and a woman handmade these silver rings. so we each bought one to remember our 'lack of luck', and ever since then things have picked up."
So, would it be your 'unlucky chastity' ring?
"yeah, unlucky for chastity, lucky for me."
i love hearing these stories and hope you do too, so if any of you have similar ones you'd like to share feel free to message me and we'll talk about a post! 

1 March 2013

+beaded memories+

was just forwarded the link to Need Supply Co that has some casual but lovely jewellery. Found the bangle below which reminded me of the beaded bracelets and necklaces i used to have when i was about four. they were beautifully crafted but absolutely killed when the hairs on my arm got stuck inbetween the beads! so this 'protected' version is more to my liking...

Walcott bangle