11 March 2013

+say it straight+

how's everyone today? i had a fab weekend seeing my 'cheetah fam' (which included carrying a one year old who weighs nearly 12kilos! i was spent afterwards), seeing my pseudo-mom and sister watching Ballet Revolucion from Cuba. a few awkward moments watching ballerinos/as and contemporary dancers try and get funky to a live band playing j-lo, usher, prince etc , but it was definitely entertaining and had it's amazing moments...and hot bodies...felt like i needed to go train right after.
but now its back to the monday grind, and someone left the heating off on my agency floor so its freeeeeezing in here! so we're dressed in our parkas using our computers as heaters. so to be blunt about it, here's what i'd buy and like to say to this weather...

screwords on Etsy

found here

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