4 March 2013

+it's personal...for Edi+

so in the midst of trying to engage my readers, i thought i'd try and bring a new section called it's personal... the idea is to share stories about the jewellery we wear, because i know, in my own case, i would grab my treasure chest if my house was ever burning down. it may be materialistic, but they are my memories that never let me forget. so, to introduce my first story, (and brain behind this idea) is my colleague Edi who reminds me a little of Hannah from the sitcom Girls—she's a little quirky, a little pessimistic, but extremely bright and funny (and she has an awesome middle name...Spike. she's going to kill me that i mentioned it, but..hey ho).until then, let's get personal...

Edi makes it personal by stealing, bargaining and surrendering
"The topaz ring is from the 60's. it was given to my mum by her aunt who traded in gold jewellery. i stole it - uh borrowed it, but she never got it back."
Why did you steal it?
"i liked the colour. it's ended up being really useful as it holds the other one in, it's become part of a pair.  you can also see it is hand cut when you look at the sides."
and the other one? 
"The other is a sapphire ring. i liked it when i saw it on a stall at Oxfords Antique Market, but couldn't justify buying it myself on a whim. i came back another time and saw it was still there. I ended up helping the stall man sell a watch to another customer. he then gave me a serious discount on the ring." 
"also, i dont' know who 'RJ' is. If anyone can get into contact with me about who RJ is then i'd really appreciate it."
(funny girl). so this is my favourite story, tell me about your 'chastity' ring.
"basically a friend of mine and i were having a dry patch with boys in our teenage years, all our friends were in couples. and so we went to Norfolk for the weekend just me and her, and there was a craft fair, and a woman handmade these silver rings. so we each bought one to remember our 'lack of luck', and ever since then things have picked up."
So, would it be your 'unlucky chastity' ring?
"yeah, unlucky for chastity, lucky for me."
i love hearing these stories and hope you do too, so if any of you have similar ones you'd like to share feel free to message me and we'll talk about a post! 

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