28 February 2013

+small finds+

forgot to tell you about my new handcrafted purchases the other weekend, which are great as friendship bracelets as well. They come in sweet little packaging with messages ranging from 'Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things', 'You're a Star!' and 'I ♥ you'. Found them at Oliver Bonas and there were so many to choose from but i finally opted for these. if the string would've been a bit longer i would've loved them as anklets. it seems the star bracelet can only be bought in store for now though...
Ju Ju Heart and Dots, Ju Ju Double Stars
silver and silk thread 

27 February 2013

+jack & jen+

how funny is little ole katniss?

+mad about cuffs+

sorry for being MIA past days but this cold has made me so lazy that straight after work i just go home, jump into bed and watch mad men. I had an exciting sunday as well going to the beauty expo and spending money i wasn't supposed to, and then going to a raw food cooking course. delich! but enough of that...my new favourite below found at missguided. cheap as chips and delivery next day! love it. 
Aggnes stud earring with cuff and chain
black, silver and gold

23 February 2013

+saturday thoughts+

because we all feel a little lonely at times, miss someone, or think too much...dance and drawing is my way to express this. beautiful piece by Ryan Woodward. expression through creation is the most powerful tool we have. use it. happy saturday all! x

22 February 2013

+silver lining+

c'mon spriiiiiing! Freezing in our agency right now. so i'm looking for little birdies to remind me of blue skies, warm rays, and floral scents...with a rock n' roll edge of course... 
none the richer wild thing necklace beginning boutique

none the richer presley necklace beginning boutique

21 February 2013

20 February 2013

+golden knuckles+

more knuckle rings for ya lovers from catbirdnyc. Always nice to stack a few as the 'x&o' pic (sorry about the lo-res), so go on and get creative! 
Catbird Alphabet rings

19 February 2013

+pixie pharaos+

the sun is finally out after a frosty morning, and it makes me long for the midsummer's eve in sweden where you make wreaths of flowers to adorn your head and run in the fields picking wild strawberries and boat rides in the archipelago...a girl can dream right? some months to go. until then, maybe a more elegant head bang for the cityscape...
Hanging crystal and hair band

+bird is the word+

particularly loving these wooden, hand carved swan earrings from catbird. makes me just want to admire and touch them the whole time. personally i'd only wear one rather than a pair in both ears.

black swan 

white swan

18 February 2013

+golden pulses+

seriously, i swear i am not a fan of love month, but i can't help finding more amore out there!is anyone else freaking out that february is almost over though? where is the time going!??! 

Jennifer Zeuner mini 1/2" heart bracelet found here
rose gold and ruby

15 February 2013

+lock down+

thank god it's friday. i feel chained to my desk today with nothing to do and so ready for a weekend to move my body!! these ccskye bracelets depict my mood perfectly, but a touch of color helps lighten the mood...
siwy leather & cage cuff

riviera cuff
neon pink

riviera cuff
black python & rose gold

14 February 2013

+happy love day!!+

+all night long+

do actions speak louder than words, or does a pendant just lay it out it straight? I think this works for both boys and girls since the reverse side says "music,whiskey,girls"...
CC Skye at honey honey

13 February 2013

+slice of love+

i'm not sure whether i believe in crystal healing, but i do know that my friend's house is one of the calmest and most peaceful places i have ever been in, and she has crystals around her house. so, for her sake, i've found these gorgeous necklaces from axthread that offer a slice of love. Amethysts symbolize 'natural awakenings' and purity, also signifying the third eye/7th chakra. i could use a little of this in my life right now having been unfolded some truths about a past i'm trying to filter out.

simona v amethyst slice necklace
24k gold and amethyst

simona v amethyst slice double bail necklace
24k gold and amethyst

12 February 2013

+love seas through it+

it's so cold right now that i'm fantasising about warm beaches and turquoise waters. until then, these bangles from KEP will have to do... 

there's currently a sale on them now at Gilt so best get on it!
1 turtle (comes in two different greens)
2 sand dollar
3 starfish
Last picture is the 'set of 6 gold rope and enamel bangles' mixed with the starfish bangle.

11 February 2013

+fitting in+

sometimes you just want to be different (cue Siam style rings), other times your ring is just too small to fit, but whoever said you can't just wear it wherever it fits? I remember watching Friends back in the day and seeing Phoebe with the layered look thinking it was really different. now i think it's just a bit silly to buy 'fitted' rings for a layered style. Just buy a different size! I'll still give you a link for it though ;)

1. V ring from here
2. Layered knuckle rings from here
3. Silver knuckle ring from here

9 February 2013

+its animalistic+

its not just hearts and chocolates that's symbolic for this heart filled month. i think (ideally) oversized, beautifully crafted animal brooches show your wilder side rather than your sweet dispositions. much more intriguing and eye-catching. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
Acosta jewellery
black enamel leopard panther with gold tone

vintage giraffe from etsy
gold with amber enamel 

panther brooch can be found here
giraffe brooch found here

8 February 2013

+little details+

it's the small things that count. Olive Yew offers some cute and affordable pieces fit for every age. I've pulled some favourites made in rose gold that i think would make any girl smile. 

1. Pink elephant found here 
2. Heart found here
3. Letters found here

7 February 2013

+stacking love+

so gorgeous. stacking rings for valentines obsessives. although pricey since it's laden with Padparadscha sapphires,a ruby and a garnet stone,it's always something to yearn for... Can be found here.

scarlettjewelery at Etsy
gold, sapphire, ruby and garnet

6 February 2013

+seeing double+

double the love=double the fun
Get em now for cheaps at Tobi!!

Tobi double cuff rings
Silver, and gold toned

1 February 2013

+short and sweet+

i just had to share this beautiful and funny animation. The countdown to valentines day begins...although i'm not about celebrating a hallmark occasion, i still am all for spreading the love around, all the time.