7 March 2013

+mums the word part 2+

it's nice to find gifts that are symbolic and have a certain meaning to them, which is today's theme.

i always believe in giving gifts that you want yourself, so one of my favourites is the bumblebee from Alex Monroe. for this occasion i like to call it the 'Queen Bee', also reminds us of the help that honey bees still need (i know bumblebees are not honey bees but work with me). it's quite pricey but you can always opt for the silver version.
Alex Monroe :: bumblebee
i personally have the necklace below as it reminds me of my mother, and was just able to find it through a different online site if you can't find it from stores that sell Alex Monroe jewellery.
Alex Monroe :: lace fern heart locket with birdie

another symbolic icon is a little acorn which I've found from oakfine jewellery. As they state on their website, "from little acorns mighty oaks grow", which i thought was very sweet

Oakfine jewellery :: richmond park necklace

and then there's simply giving your heart away. nothing fussy, just clean and casual. 

links of london :: love note pendant

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