31 December 2012

+out with the old in with the new+


+nature calls+

I love Alex Monroe. He makes such beautiful intricate designs that reminds me of my grandmother's jewelry. Some pieces can be expensive but these you have to consider an investment because they are each handcrafted in London and will eventually become heirlooms. My new favourite piece are these earrings which remind me of the 50s, and can be found here.
Floral Bouquet studs
Rose gold, £175
A similar version for slightly less can be found here.

30 December 2012

+channeling Chanel+

I can't believe I found these! Stumbled upon them on the way to dinner last night and they probably cost me less than a quarter of the real price. Best part is they're 'made in Spain' and from my experience Spain is usually a year ahead with shoe trends... Fake or not.

29 December 2012

+strands of colour+

Whenever I travel I try and find local designers. During my stay in Brazil it was like opening a treasure chest. The market in Buzios had some wonderful pieces that you can easily re-make at home. Like this little darling...

28 December 2012

+nothing but a J-thang+

I always yearned for jelly shoes when I was a kid but when you got them they would always break after a short while. I saw a pair when I was out at the market the other day and they're sooo cheap I may need to get another color! Finding my inner child.
Jelly bunnies

25 December 2012

+twice bitten::golden felts+

YSL eat your heart out. My brother has good taste. Another beautiful hat to add to the collection. I'm on a little bit of a craze it would seem. Merry Xmas to me (and all my readers).

22 December 2012

Turban twist:: vintage charms

Alright my lovelies, I'm leaving the winter cold for summer days. Have a wonderful break whatever you choose to do, hopefully with family and friends. 
Knitted turban from Liberty
Vintage Oscar de la Renta bracelet

21 December 2012

Xmas crocs::Dragon exes

I couldn't wait. I had to unwrap my xmas presents last night (i mean i'm leaving on a flight tomorrow anyways!) A little treat to myself for the hellish year of the dragon that is finally ending soon. For those that yearn after the Burberry animal bags, British label Wilbur & Gussie have created a sweet little 'pack' made out of leathers and embossed velvets for a more favourable price. Happy New Year to me!


Lumberjack glam::Plaided jewels

Sometimes you want to wear a piece that is far too glamorous for work, so I just dress it down. Handcrafted Italian designer Iosselliani is a favourite of mine. Every piece is unique so it makes you feel extra special. 

Although it is a tad pricey, there's always a counterpart that is a great runner up which Anarchy offers:

Egyptian Goddess Necklace
Gold, rubies, and diamonds, $42

20 December 2012

Fan it: Comfort Station

Was just shown this amazing little gem hidden in Brick Lane, London, called Comfort Station. I hear they've got lots of skull stuff, so i'll be paying them a visit in the new year! but for now, i've got my eye on these two beauts!

Aurum Fortuna 

Fortuna 8
Gold, £99

Polished::wishing upon a star

Sometimes you need a little help, which my amazing manicurist Keiko does. A glittery trail of stars and speckles which I'm going to bring the New Year in. I think I may just start that nail certificate for 2013 as well...

Mad hatter:: aubergine crushes

I've always had a thing for hats. It started with a black and silver Raiders cap when I was about 10 who a boy from L.A. threatened me for wearing (fortunately another boy came to my aide), but now I enjoy exploring the more feminine side of it. Hello inner Bardot!
(can't remember designer, will fill in later)

19 December 2012

Skull candy:: Bing Bang

Another obsession? Always. Skulls j'adore. I don't know why, how it started, but I fell in love again when I saw Bing Bang's skull studs. Mind you they are very tiny! BUT!!! There's a large version out now too!!

Tiny skull studs 
Rose gold plate, Liberty £45

Skull studs 
Rose gold with Swarovski crystal



Spotted::Hidden promises

What I love — Jordan Askill's birthstone heart ring. Saw it, bought it, on me forever.
July heart birthstone ring 
Yellow gold with ruby,£245 Liberty

           For those with a leaner pocket,
                     Written single heart ring
  18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver,also available in Sterling Silver,£49