31 January 2013

+connecting the dots+

Found some beautiful creations at Lionette where the epitomy of 'urban jungle' have been handcrafted exquisitely by Israeli designer Noa Sade and China-born NY resident Vanessa Lee.I would prowl the streets with this any day!!   

gito olive
gold plate, swarovski crystal

Gito black diamond

29 January 2013

+tribal fire+

Got a nice little surprise this weekend from a friend of mine. Purchased from MNG, i like a bit of geometric hanging from my ears. obviously a big trend this year in the UK, but i'd rather be subtle with it then flash it all over my clothing. the question is, do we want to promote commercial 'tribal fashion' or support the actual native art? 

25 January 2013

+parisian chique+

sorry i've been MIA. I have been ill with the flu all week which has not been fun. I always pride myself on not getting ill and then bam! it hit me. i completely blame my finance director who i lectured about not washing his hands after he sneezed in them. blerg.
anywho, before this all happened i managed to hit january sales and stumbled upon these maje beauts. i never manage to get anything during sales, i always pull out something thats not on sale so this was a treat. when i was in paris in the fall i longed for the parisian look, effortlessly cool with sophisticated comfort! vain i know. but i like to add a little extra to an outfit and these will do perfectly (especially for half the price).

21 January 2013

+brazilian beauties+

During my travels in Brazil, I came across jewelry designer Francesca Romana Diana. I spent a good hour in one of her stores gazing and touching all the beautiful semi precious stones, rings, and bracelets. I ended up spending what felt like a fortune but it was so worth it because the amount of compliments i get for them, and how good they make me feel it's worth it. That's what i call a good souvenir!
Two of my favourites are these bracelets -- the Brazilian flag and Energy motives. 

16 January 2013

+linked in+

Trying on my other new finds from BKK's friday fineday. also stumbled upon some DIY chain bracelets that might be fun to do!
Right, off to go cry my eyes out at the cinema to see The Impossible. Wish me luck!
Friday fineday
From ispydiy 
From ispydiy

15 January 2013

+pink eye+

having a pink eye can be positive...atleast in this instance. Slightly inspired, and envious, of the warmer weather in Kenzas blog. I wouldnt normally talk about clothes in this blog, but i have to point out the luscious skirt that can be dressed down with a white tank and how the accessories have all come together.

From Kenzas

A similar skull bracelet can be found here, geometric silver bangles here, studded bracelet here. Or you can go with a nut and bolt bracelet from here.
Aelios design from Etsy
Alpaca silver (ie Nickel alloy)

Anarchy Mercy Spike
Anarchy Nut and Bolt
River Island cross ring
Gold tone


13 January 2013

+guggenheim corals+

I hate unpacking. It takes me forever to commit to it. It's been a week and so far I've only done my cabin suitcase and a "top layer" of my regular suitcase. I did manage to pull out my new spectacular shoes that I found in BKK though! I can't help to think there's a bit of guggenheim inspiration for them. Besides the architectural draw I also love coral. And no I don't mind if you put me in a coral bridesmaids dress one day haha, cuz i think it actually works on me.
These shoes are pretty nifty too as the clasp can just slot onto the strap rather than going through the pain of regular clasp strapping. I particularly hate shoelaces. Lazy? I prefer convenient.  Happy Sunday ya'll!

11 January 2013

+heart's content+

Came across a little charm necklace through a valentine's reminder. Geez, it's not even mid-Jan just yet! but i guess if you're going to think ahead...
edor from etsy
sterling silver
forgot to let you know you can find it here, although it seems the 5-heart version is sold out.

9 January 2013

+hear me roar+

On the topic of friendship bracelets in one of my past posts, this Gilt ring was sent to me by my best friend from college. I love it because not only does it remind me of her, but also of my Dad who's a leo so I feel a sense of strength whenever I look at it. 
Gold plated with crystal eyes

8 January 2013

+crystal charms+

Here's the other friday fineday necklace I found in tokyo city in Bangkok. I love 'ugly pretty'things, and although i wasn't a big fan of the oversized skull (surprising i know), i loved the 'too muchness' of the charms.

7 January 2013

+monday mashups+

Well it's back to the old grind. Flew back in last night, my luggage refusing to come all the way with me, to come home and consequently get stuck in my building today because my door's swollen shut. So luckily my local Spiderman jumped my gate and kicked the door in. So all I can do is wait for my luggage and stare at my nails that remind of where I was just 24hours ago. *sigh*

5 January 2013

+friday fineday+

I will let this speak for itself. You know my skull obsession. Another find from yesterday. More to come...

4 January 2013

+tokyo heaven+

I have just spent the day in a fantasy... Well no because it was a wonderful reality! Went to Terminal 21 in Bangkok and "departed" to Tokyo city where all this jewelry was waiting for me! So for now, this is the first of the batch...

2 January 2013

+draw the line+

a friend of mine had a necklace that she had designed which was so simple and has always been in the back of my mind. so, 3 years later i actually just found the one below here or a similar one here.

Straight to the Bar
gold, rose gold and silver $14

1 January 2013

+small cherishes+

We all have pieces we never take off. Mine consist frequently of these three 'friendship bracelets' which remind me how grateful I am for those in my life. One - a (damned) wish bracelet my Querido got me in a Brazilian market. You make a wish for each knot and they "come true" after the bracelet falls off. I can't for the life of me remember one of the wishes, but I've also been waiting 2 years for this thing to fall off!! Second - my red Swarovski bracelet my little Dubai starling gave me, and thirdly my Marfa bracelet by Isabel Marant.

There are different designs of the Isabel Marant one, which i think make perfect little gifts for your closest. Mind you Monnierfreres gives you two for one now so best hurry up while the deal is still on. Otherwise you can find them at Liberty in London. Happy 2013!
Monterrey & Odessa
Bronzed brass, £45 each/£47.50 for two
Santa fe & Marfa