20 March 2013

+its personal...for Bert+

so we've got a placement at our work who i happened to notice wearing a ring that caught my attention. I asked her if it had a story, and sure enough, it did! so we got personal...

Bert makes it personal through cherishing

Tell me about your ring...
"My best friend, Rose, always wanted this ring that her Mom owned and so her Mom had planned on giving it to her when she turned 18. She passed away when we were around 9 years old though, and because I remained close to her Mom and family, even after she had passed, her Mom decided to give the ring to me on my 18th Birthday. I've been wearing it ever since."
And how do you feel when you look at your ring now?

"Special [she says with a smile]...good memories...it makes me think of her and her mom...sad sometimes...it's mixed."

I think it's a beautiful story, and one that I'm sure will be passed on for decades. Thanks for sharing babes! x

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