20 July 2013

+chic indeed+

It has been absolutely sweltering this past week in London, but i'm not complaining.We have however, thankfully, got a bit of a break this weekend with clouds, breeze and coolness that i welcome greatly. I always find it slightly hard to dress up and bling it up in the heat when you basically just want to run around naked. But now that my brain is not a melted mush, i've had a browse and stumbled upon some lovely Henri Bendel necklaces that entice...
Red on the edge collar
Swarovski elements

found here

Tres chic
Brass, cubic zirconia

Comes in three different colours, above found here

12 July 2013

+triangular dispositions+

The triangle is such an interesting shape. It has so many meanings across various cultures, history and sciences.

For instance, an upside down triangle can signify female.
Culturally, each side and corner depicts one aspect, and their combination in threefold creates a a form of being together.
Mathematically it can mean change.
While Aristotles featured them as the 5 elements.
Probably a reason why I love them, there's no single definition for it...

Oliver Bonas::Triangle stud earrings

Anna Tashca:Traingle bracelet

Anna Tascha::Hot Lava earrings

Oliver Bonas earrings found here
Anna Tascha bracelet found here
Anna Tascha earrings found here

10 July 2013

+bday beloveds+

Although my birthday was a week ago, i received some fabulous gifts. The first batch struck gold with arrows and triangles as i've been wanting something like this for so long. She knows me very well despite not reading my blog or me telling her what i wanted ;) Unfortunately i can't find these in the online store of Oliver Bonas, but i found some other things i'll write about later that might wet your appetite.

5 July 2013

+ embellishing ears+

birds puff their chests, elephants flare their ears so why not put two and two together? stumbled upon some fun cuffs i might need to invest in...

etsy njuu:: triangle cuff found here
etsy njuu:: blue laguna cuff found here
etsy njuu::feather cuff found here

3 July 2013

+hammer time+

now i try to keep mindful of prices on here, but it's my bday so i'm going all out on this one. Lanvin has come out with this beautiful medieval/gladiator inspired necklace that i would 'just die' to get my hands on. Not that i'm getting ridiculously obsessed by watching Game of Thrones or anything either... 

Lanvin hammered breast plate::Neiman Marcus