6 September 2013


I die. That is all...

Larsson & Jennings:: Animal print watches

Found here 

1 September 2013

+of stag and men+

with my failed attempt of attracting my male crushes last weekend, I opted to surrender to the king of the forest instead. am even getting away with people thinking it's all silver. now THAT'S a catch!
it's probably a good 10cm wide, found at Gina Tricot in Sweden. Unfortunately it's not currently sold online.

Gina Tricot::stag necklace
brushed metal 

23 August 2013

+keeping connected+

stumbled upon this website Cisthene which has more folkish, talisman type jeweller. It features hand-crafted jewels, bath and beauty products, as well as hand-tooled leather accessories.
Cisthene (pronounced kees-THEE-nee) is the mythical island where Medusa is thought to dwell. She is the subject of seduction, envy, and spell-binding tales.

Brooklyn based designer Erica Bradbury from Species by the Thousands created this connection ring (found here) from renewed and recycled materials which i think is pretty dope. I love me a good connector!!
Species By The Thousands::Connection ring

Debra Baxter also created this Quartz necklace (found here) which i think would be better shortened as it's on a 34" long chain. Clear quartz is seen to amplify healing energy so a good one to have by your heart, especially if you're heart broken ;) 

Debra Baxter::Crystal Quartz
Brass & quartz

21 August 2013

+kitted out+

when did kitson go online? or am i just that daft? i swear they weren't a year ago, but then again, my mind is not a trustful thing at times.

so i'm excited! a few things i could lust for whilst i have nothing to do...

Buba:: Maya cuff
found here

Buba::Rubia necklace
found here

The Urban Smith:: Amazeballs necklace
found here

8 August 2013


I adore Iosselliani. Their craftsmanship is so beautiful, intricate and detailed that i feel like i'm in a Saharan matrix looking at this bangle. This is one fierce kitty cat!!

Iosselliani Cheetah's head bracelet:: Bona Drag

7 August 2013

+crystal friendships+

so i've been meaning to tell you about my latest bday present which is this beautiful friendship bracelet from Swarovski. I absolutely adore it and wear it all the time, and on their US site it's on sale! so get it now if you can!

Tosha Blue Cupchain Bracelet::Swarovski
Crystal and thread

It also comes in this pink/black version found here

Tosha Pink Cupcahin Bracelet:: Swarovski
Crystal and thread

+Werkin girl+

i know it's been awhile, sorry, summer has just run away with me... and i know it's not the weekend yet when i usually post my dance finds, but i couldn't wait. Check Kaycee Rice, a 10 year old, that knows what the word 'fierce' means. I'm not entirely sure this is appropriate for her age, but this girl has got it!
WERK it grl!