24 April 2013

+here kitty kitty kitty+

i am loving these Puma dance vids, and Mami is a dope freestyler, so let her introduce "the Cat". MEOW GRRRL!

for the full dictionary trailer see below the top freestylers of the world...

23 April 2013

+creepy crawley+

hey guys, been awhile i know. I'm sorry. i wont be doing daily posts now but rather drop in when i find some worthwile materialistic goods. i don't usually like going for expensive things, but as the sun is out these inspired me as spring has sprung which means the beetles are out. I do love me some scarabs.

DanniJo::Madagascar earrings
Oxidized brass plated earrings with swarovski crystals

found here: Kabiri

10 April 2013

+it's personal...for Marie+

it's been awhile my dear friends, but i was away on holiday and i have a rule to not be on any technical gadgets then which is such a liberation. so, i went to see my little dubai starlet who always gives me inspiration and rejuvenation. on the lookout for blogging stories, i happened to ask her about the jewellery she was wearing so, we got personal...

marie makes it personal through milestones and healing

so tell me about your ring, when you got it and how...

"i got it when i was 14, turned 14, from my parents and i remember opening the box and i was completely shocked. i was like 'HOLY CRAP! is that real? is that a ruby a pearl and diamonds?"

and you got it because?
"i was leaving for boarding school, so it's my 'grown up' gift"

and what about your necklace?

"my necklace, was... i got it made in America from thingsremembered. it was originally a bracelet, but when i got it i didn't like it as a bracelet so i made it into a necklace. the inscriptions read 'MLE', 'live, love, laugh', 'universal love' and 'health'. it brings me luck for my health, and is very personal. and the little evil eye is to ward off evil energy. and the little dolphin reminds me that im a pisces. it's also made of rose quartz." 

Thanks Marie. 
Whenever i'm at her house i feel a sense of ease and calm every time. part of me thinks its partly to do with the crystals around her house which is why she also mentions the significance of rose quartz. Rose quartz aligns with the Heart Chakra, governing the emotions, especially love, and is known as the “love stone”. It can be used to nurture, attract love, promote self-acceptance or, on a more spiritual level, love of whatever you hold sacred.

whenever i have bought a crystal or stone, ive never done my research. it's been what i am drawn to. afterwards, when i find out the meaning of it it does directly reflect my energy and emotions for something that is going on in my life at the time. so always pick what your mind tells you to... 

3 April 2013

+tarnished love+

being in the sun makes me feel so alive, and these rings made by Torafu Architects represent exactly how I feel. rejuvenation and allowing a new layer to come alive. 
The silver ring fades over time, revealing the gold after years of wearing. how lovely is that as a wedding ring? now that's commitment if i've ever seen one.