23 August 2013

+keeping connected+

stumbled upon this website Cisthene which has more folkish, talisman type jeweller. It features hand-crafted jewels, bath and beauty products, as well as hand-tooled leather accessories.
Cisthene (pronounced kees-THEE-nee) is the mythical island where Medusa is thought to dwell. She is the subject of seduction, envy, and spell-binding tales.

Brooklyn based designer Erica Bradbury from Species by the Thousands created this connection ring (found here) from renewed and recycled materials which i think is pretty dope. I love me a good connector!!
Species By The Thousands::Connection ring

Debra Baxter also created this Quartz necklace (found here) which i think would be better shortened as it's on a 34" long chain. Clear quartz is seen to amplify healing energy so a good one to have by your heart, especially if you're heart broken ;) 

Debra Baxter::Crystal Quartz
Brass & quartz

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